About Us

That Kid Cole was created, by a mom, for fellow moms, to offer simple, stylish and comfortable shoes, apparel and accessories for your little ones. 
Since our inception we have grown to offer a wider range of products which are true to the heart of our brand.

Each one of our products from our apparel and accessories range is hand crafted with care, in Cape Town, South Africa using only natural fabrics and packaging in keeping with a conscious and sustainable way of life.

The products from our Kid Eco range are carefully handpicked to make your journey to conscious living an easier one, with each choice.
Why That Kid Cole?
by Sarah Matthes
When my daughter was learning how to balance on two feet, I saw the need for comfortable soft-sole shoes that encouraged natural foot development, but looked good too! So she was the inspiration behind starting this brand, and her middle name is Cole. I just loved how ‘That Kid Cole’ had a great ring of familiarity to it because of well known Jazz musician Nat King Cole and nursery rhyme Old King Cole.